We present you products made of 100% wool from the manufacturer Nobel: blankets, pillows, mattress covers, slippers, vests, bathrobes, anti-radiculitis belts.

Our products have a valid Woolmark license. Nobel is one of the best companies in the European Union producing wool products. It has numerous awards, as well as certification from medical institutions, confirming the rehabilitation qualities of Nobel's wool products.

Today we will consider the advantages of a woolen blanket compared to other materials. We consider these advantages to be unrivaled health benefits and comfortable sleep for the whole night.

Let's consider various variants of blankets:

1. A blanket made of synthetic filler (polyester fiber) is warm and light, but has a low hygroscopicity, i.e. The property of the material to absorb moisture without becoming wet. Covered with such a blanket you will feel its lightness and warmth, and calmly fall asleep. But after some time you will wake up due to the "greenhouse effect" - the evaporation of the body accumulates under the blanket, causing a discomfort high humidity and overheating. The rest of the night you will have to regulate the temperature of your bed first opening your body to relieve the wet heat, then wrapping up again after your body is quickly supercooled as a result of the evaporation of moisture from the steamed body. You may get ill! Or get rheumatic diseases. In addition, you will wake up, most likely, badly rested, with a heavy head. Strong sleep and comfort, in this mode is improbable!
2. Quilted blanket was really very warm and was previously irreplaceable in cold rooms. However, first you had to climb under a cold, heavy blanket and heat it with the heat of your body. Soon you had the same "greenhouse effect", and from the middle of the night it was necessary to open the blanket to cool the body, which began to freeze again soon . And again you need to close.
3. You can also mention feather duvet, which we would not recomend due to modern standards of hygiene. It's unlikely that anyone would like to see what happens inside such a blanket or pillow after a while. Sweat and dead skin pieces accumulate inside and remain an excellent habitat for the mite and an allergic pathogen. Do not forget about the "greenhouse effect."

Along with such a flows of traditional blankets, the wool bed is an excellent solution! Warmth is the unquestionable quality of wool. It is also a material that warms all the animals and it is the most natural for a human. Thanks to the production technology, the material of wool blanket is very light and airy. It perfectly "breathes" and lets the vapors out. In addition, wool has the property of remaining warm and dry to the touch, even having absorbed a fair amount of moisture.

You do not need to warm a woolen bed - you feel comfortable warmth as soon as you lie down in it. This is the optimum temperature of your body, and it will persist throughout the night. Your body breathes, natural evaporation from the skin easily exits through the blanket. And during the entire time of sleep you are provided with maximum comfort and coziness! The warmth of the wool, as well as the micromassage provided by it, improves the circulation of blood in the body and that helps for the regeneration of the body. Feel rested and fresh after dream !

You can sleep in a woolen bed all year round. In the winter it will warm you, and in summer it will protect you from overheating!

In addition, Nobel uses wool treated with lanolin in production. Lanolin - is the animal fat, which is widely used, including in the manufacture of cosmetic products. It is well absorbed into the skin and has a softening effect. Also, lanolin protects the wool from contamination. Even using a wool blanket without a case, you do not have wash it often . It will stay clean as a result of the fact that  you practically do not sweat under it. Having taken a shower before going to bed, you will wake up with the same feeling of freshness in the morning!

For over 20 years we have been presenting Nobel products (formerly Kampol) in the Estonian market. Also our online store is available from anywhere in the world. And in Estonia we have shops in Tallinn, Pärnu and Tartu.